Archangel School
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For God and Country
The major aim of starting this institution was to emphasise the quality education. Since the formal education is the part and parcel of an educational institution. In order to improve the fudamental base of a student as charactor, honesty, devotion and hard work which are the priary matter’s to be included among the smsll children. The mind of students in the earlier stage is like a clean state in which whatever is imparted remains in the mind of a student. They were to be tought in such a way of pedagogy for which teachers should be very efficient, energetic,characterful, honest, dedicated and well trained. So far the mental level and psychology a learn age student is concerned. In fact this institution was not started as source of income but with the mission and vision with all aminities of modern system of education. In this regard selection of teachers was kept in mind as simple, honest, well educated sympathetic. The sorrounding infrastructure is very essential to make an environment of studies.
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