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Welcome to Archangel School’s website. we are pleased that you are taking time to meet us through our school system website. We encourage you to utilize the system website regularly to learn more about our school activities.  Good communication is important to us as a school and we regard our relationship with parents and the wider community as crucial to the success of the school. Here at Archangel School we are committed to providing a challenging and rewarding educational experience. We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school which offers many and varied opportunities, both within and outwith the classroom, for the growth and development of pupils. The technology advancements available today have allowed for a greater opportunity to share information and good news surrounding our local education system. We hope you will find this resource valuable as we continue to expand our avenues for communicating with our public. - Management  
It is matter of great pride and privellege for me to have few words regarding the institution. In fact it was my deep desire to run a school of my dream to some extent. I feel much setisfied so far as the quality of education concerned, Although I have to face many obstacles  and hurdels in the begining yet I was not discovered by such problems. It was also in my mind that the children of mediocre  families will admitted. The rich and poor was not in my mind. In fact I also face many problems. But with the passage of time and my sincere teaching staff did not leave my stone turned. In the last I pray before the god to give me courge and energy to make the bright future of the students of my school.  
It gives me an immence pleasure to write a few words about the school to put in the website. First of all I would like to felicitate the school for completing its 18 year’s of establishment. I have also the privellege to appriciate the dedicated services of teachers and also congratulate all those associated with the school. This school has also played an important role so, far as the spreading of education is concerned. This school has also achieved a mile stone in the field of sports, cultural activities and social services
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Shivani Singh